Come make 4 cool and delightful things with us!
We'll provide the how-to, supplies, beverages and treats... 

Leather Luggage Tag

Bags all look the same but yours doesn't have to! Customize a hard-wearing luggage tag with a fun thread color and a message on the back side using letter stamps. (one per person).

Teacher: Stewart Watkins Allen

Handmade Volume
Create beautiful hand bound sketchbooks or notebooks using richly textured mono print papers you print on a gel plate. You will print, fold, cut, and stitch your way into a lovely journal for yourself or to give as a gift.
Teacher: Sarah Hand

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Collage Bouquet

Create a colorful floral collage that really pops! We will add dimension to this classic technique by creating layers of images projecting off the page. 

Teacher: Maggie Smith

Petit Jardin
Learn to make a mini tabletop spring garden in a glass, take it home and make more... you'll create your own cup full of color with the provided natural ingredients and lovely vessels. 
Teacher: Elizabeth Cogar
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