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This year, we've added another session so you'll choose THREE of FOUR

... an extra opportunity to learn and make!

No experience necessary for any of these activities...


Not all thoughts require big paper, some just need a place to be jotted. Make your very own home for thoughts and lists in this leather journal cover class. You'll hand cut and sew a leather cover for a 3.5" x 5.5" notebook. Stamp your name, initials, a phrase, pin number, or nothing on the front to make it uniquely yours. If time allows you can add an additional pocket for coupons, receipts, and other flat treasures.

$20 kit fee covers leather, waxed linen thread, and notebook.

Stewart's been crafting as long as she can remember and is always eager to learn something new. Knitting from an early age (she owned The Yarn Lounge in Carytown for 9 years) and picking up sewing and leatherwork along the way she's always got something in the works. At the beginning of 2015 she started a bag and accessory company LeatherWoolLinen  (also on Etsy).


This is not your grandmother's brooch. Gone are the days of old fuddy dud heavy metal brooches that weighted down your granny's chiffon blouse. Design and handstitch plush brooches embellished with decorative beads and baubles. Learn about the history of brooches (yes, they have a past) and all the working parts that make this fun piece of jewelry way more than a pin.

Maggie is a Richmond native, educated at Brenau University in Gainesville, Ga. A visual artist and curator with an inclination towards the silly, she is always on the hunt to create flora & fauna from unusual materials. She has taught classes at the Visual Arts Center in Richmond.


Make yourself a lovely little world! Using humble materials, create a charming miniature scene - woodland, beach shore, alpine range, or a starry night - something that speaks to your soul. Whatever tiny oasis you’d like, you can make.  We’ll combine cardboard, paint, a chunk of cool wood, plus a bit of wire, possibly some glitter, and lots more ephemera. We will also be using a drill (power tools!). Find out how simple it is to create whimsy and wonder of your own.

Sarah is an artist and teacher who believes that Wonder is the thing we need most to cultivate and art is one of the best ways to do just that!  Making things has been an insatiable force for Sarah since she could hold scissors.  Paint, paper collage, fabric, puppets, paper mache – there is always some creating going on!  She regularly shows her work in art exhibits, does commission work, runs her etsy shop. Sarah is also an art instructor at The Visual Arts Center of Richmond, where, for ten years, she has taught kids and adults alike to embrace the wonkiness of paper mache and learn to play again!  When she isn’t teaching, Sarah is working in her studio at the inspiring community art-making space Studio Two Three.


Simple design is the hallmark of Japanese textiles and this easy to make apron is no exception. You'll cut, stitch and hand-stamp (Elizabeth's collection of Indian woodblocks will be on hand) a one-size-fits-all cover up for crafting or cooking. Choose from ribbons and fabric for the straps which cross in the back, making it quick and simple to don your apron and get to work!

Elizabeth believes there is nothing like the thrill of starting a new project or learning how to do something new. She's partial to wool, thread, fabric, indigo dye and all kinds of global textiles, and she thanks her artist mother for passing along the creative gene. Elizabeth works and makes at Studio Two Three and is also a freelance writer and a relentless scavenger who loves to explore new territory. She founded Makeshop in 2015 to give grown-ups more opportunities to learn new creative things.

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